The Velocity App


Project at Vertical Performance Partners. 
A more function, higher usability and highly brandable App. 
A design team from outside, a contractor and I were all working on the interface design. 
The work on this website is an early version I designed. 


Background images on the landing screen slide as carousel every 5 seconds. These images along with the logo on the bottom left  can be customized. Different clients who uses Velocity can insert their own logo and images that convey the brand value. They can also put company's slogan or motto on the bottom right.
Notification center is located on the top right. It reminds the user the next thing on your agenda, new update from the assets library, etc. 


I used stickies-like icons to label the type of files, date of the day and other critical information to a specific item on the page. Additional menus and search box would expand when user click on the navigation icons on the far left.


Although they all work for the same company, people in this type of conference which Velocity is targeting don't usually know each other. So it would be great if we can have an internal social network just for this week-long conference. 


Users can introduce several of his/her friends who didn't know each other before. Now they can meet face to face and also have access to each other's profiles afterwards.