Private Social Network For New Parents


The Ask 


I was asked to design a sharing platform (web based) for parents where they can share pictures/videos and other information about their babies with close family and friends.
Sharing moments of your babies is different from sharing where did you go during a trip. You would just want to share them with some of your close friends and families, and the audience may be different depending on what you want to share. You don't want to publish a note to the whole world about where your baby went and what she looks like now.
People on Facebook and Twitter look for news and hot topics all the time, however, people on this network care more about the babies and other parents. They want to know who they are sharing with more than what they are sharing.

There are three type of people who are getting benefits from this social network, parents and their babies, friends and families who doesn't have babies. Among them, only parents are the actual users of this website. Babies are too young. And friends with no babies don't produce content, they just consume.




Besides sharing text and voice, we wanted to include also the ability to broadcast live video of your baby's funniest or most memorable moments to your closest friends/families. The video will also appear on the news feed later when the broadcast is finished.

Therefore our app should be able to start a broadcast, while our web version would only supply watching other's broadcast.




Final Design


Above the fold area on the website is dedicated to broadcasting. Tab to play the streaming content from your close friends or families in real time. You can post your comment while watching, or turn the broadcast into a floating window so that you can scroll through the latest feeds while still watching the streaming. Besides video streaming, the floating window is adaptive to several other use cases such as viewing friends feeds, chatting with a group, etc.


The Mobile App

Unlike the website, which is dedicated to only consuming contents, the mobile app is a bit heavier in terms of functionality. It is where users create their own contents.







User have full control of what types of content they want to create and share, and who they want to share to.

















The feeds on mobile app and the floating window on the website share the same layout, which creates visual, experience and branding consistency across these two platform.