Board Games


Rescue: Collaborative Game Inspired by A Nuclear Accident

Players have to work together to stop the nuclear leak by fixing the cooling systems while evacuating communities and keeping the temperature of the reactors under control.


Empathy Game For User Journey Eploration

Shift the mind from technology driven to scenario driven thinking.


Nutty Adventure

Experience how squirrels collect food and struggle to survive through winter. Your memory and strategy will certainly be challenged.


Co-Design (Together With Your Users)


In traditional user centered design process, users are invited for design reviews and mock up tests, however,  we want to push it one step further: we bring in users at the very first stage of idea generation. A designer's role here is not to come up with ideas based on user interview and observation, but to encourage users to clearly describe what they want through facilitating a series of brainstorm activities. Users become designers and designers become facilitators.