Find Your Travel Buddy


The Ask

Finding the right person to join your last minute trip is not easy, same if you are looking for a last minute trip to join. My friends and I are trying to design and build an app to specifically make this matching process faster and easier, among either friends or strangers.





We took advantage of our team member’s expertise on traveling and organizing trips to develop several use cases assumptions. After leveraging their traveler’s network for some interviews, we decided to focus on two typical personas.




Age 30, single;
Young professional with 10 year work experience;
Experienced adventurous traveler;
Travel Budget: low;

Prefer small group or private tour, will not join big travel tour;
Willing to travel with strangers if same interest & personalities are shared.

How to find travel partners now:
1. Call friends;
2. Through Facebook event;
3. Other social apps or network.

An easier way to find out who fits the same travel style.

Wesley Chang


Age 55, married, has 1 kid;
Passionate professional Photographer;
Loves to discover new scenic places;
Travel Style: photography focus;
Travel Budget: flexible.

Find like-minded people to travel to hard-to-reach places, both for photography and sightseeing.


Feature Brainstorming Based On User Journey


Essential features including:

  • Create a trip / Ask to join a trip.
  • Use labels to describe people, places and trips.
  • Content indexable based on labels.
  • Dedicated chat rooms for each activity in the itinerary.
  • Edit trip details, itinerary and other settings.
  • Endorsement.

What is the metaphor we should use to organize our app and our interaction?


We proposed a time-based concept to present people, trips and places.





Imagine time as a pool where people, places and trips could choose to actively jump in. 





Since we focus on last minute trips, we provide only three available time slot.





Each time slot turns into a screen on the interface, showing who and what is currently in the pool.


No trip planning is easy: Dealing with complex steps in the process.


As soon as Vivian Join for a time slot, her friend Fon, who also joined the same time slot, can see Vivian appears in the app. 


We structured the app in a "工" shape to make jumping back and forth between editing trip detail and finding new buddy/places very intuitive and cognitively consistent.







The bottom widget on the discovery screen changes depending on the context: 

  • Did you join no trip, one trip or more that one?
  • Do you have a group or just by yourself?
  • Are you hosting a trip or looking for one to join?
  • What's your preference?
  • Have you actually started planning the trip?








Join an existing trip

A default message is sent to the trip organizer. Vivian can type in additional message if she wants to.




Invite someone into the trip

A default message is sent to the person (Mike) automatically. Vivian can add additional message right in the interface if she wants to.







Edit trip Itinerary

Tap & hold on the itinerary section until the menu comes out. 


Demo of other functions.