Disco Forest


A curated VR experience for fashion shopping.


Developed together with my design manager, Mark Waldo, the concept was based on a ZARA campaign video below for their autumn winter 2016 collection.


Why shopping in VR?


It's very hard to convince people to use VR for shopping. It doesn't matter whether the intent is spearfishing or browsing. After all, why would anyone need to put a headset on if they could just hold up their phones and have the same job done?

So we began to think, if the need of selling products is already fulfilled, then what are the things that are hard to sell on existing platforms? Or, in other words, what is hard for people to visualize, feel, then be convinced using existing platforms?

Fashion collections could be one of them.

Although fashion brands have been creating runway shows, campaign videos, in-store displays, etc, to showcase the trend, most of us still encounter the seasonal collections as individual pieces scattered across time and space. It's hard to grasp the look, the concept and the identity that these brands are trying to create. We think VR could come in to help.


Experience and Explore the Collection

in an immersive and interactive environment


My design manager and I together worked on the idea of building a mobile/web VR interactive experience for this collection. Instead of just shooting one video when a whole crew are brought to this beautiful remote location, we could actually shoot and build an interactive VR experience out of the same trip. I created a high level flow to illustrate how users can navigate in the scene and interact with the items. Below is a slide show of the illustrations:


Based on my sketches and the interaction flow we created, my manager created this short video to demonstrate the idea.