Digitally Annotated Store



The Ask

We want to bring relevant digital content that helps make shopping decisions while guests are visiting Target stores. Although Target has its own set of apps, no all the guests visiting Target would have them installed in their mobile devices. So instead of just utilizing Target's own applications, is there an opportunity to syndicate to third party mobile apps' metadata/content tied to in-store locations?



We partner with Epicurious, a recipe recommendation and cooking assistance app, and Swirl, a beacon technology and CMS service provider, to launch a limited time experience in Target store focusing on food and cooking.

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We want to:

  • Learn about how location sensing impacts guests’ shopping behavior.
  • What type of content and in what format would it be most valuable?
  • The sensitivity about privacy.
  • Determine if 3rd party applications are useful to our guests and effective in pushing Target content.
  • Understand logistics of implementing location sensing technology.

Qualitative and Quantitative Study

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Welcome message telling guests about other content-equipped locations in the store, get them prepared.

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Weekly tips and promotions in the kitchen department, focusing on the summer theme.

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Coupons and weekly specials in the grocery department.




  • The opt-in process is too complex, but once onboarded, the interaction rate is high. 
  • Hight expectation towards personalized. Because contents are pushed at a very specific location on a personal device, it has to understand the user really well, otherwise it will become kind of useless.
  • As long as the app provides good enough value, guests are willing to give away certain personal data.