Community Laundry


The Ask

Community laundry right now has a lot of inconvenience:

The control options we have on the machines don't meet people's expectation of handling their clothes appropriately;

People can’t check the availability of the machine until they are actually in laundry room;

There isn't enough flexibility in terms of payment.




Research Subjects

Completed a photo analysis in three locations around Purdue University.


User Study

A survey was conducted to understand an in depth understanding of our users mental process.


Mental Model

The information gathered allowed us conclude to several design opportunities. It showcases the priorities of the consumer. The size of the circle dictates how much it means to the customer.


Cognitive Features


Plotting design attributes against cognitive inputs to generate design inspiration.


Mind Map

organize the ideas to start shaping the design.


Getting a Reservation


Washing & Drying Options


Check Machine Availabilities

Account Settings


Final Design

availability 3.jpg